I Show Not Your Face
Look into me. What do you see?
Everything you’ve ever wanted to be?
Is it something you had, but then you lost?
Is it something that comes at a very high cost?
Maybe it’s someone you’ve been longing to touch.
Maybe it’s something you’ve been missing too much.
Perhaps it’s a goal you hope to achieve.
Or possibly something you want to believe.
Is it someplace you’ve been hoping to visit?
I already know, but tell me, what is it?
What do you long for, deep down inside?
What can you see on the other side?
I am not a genie granting wishes.
I can’t give you fame, power, or riches.
But I can give you a glimpse of what you desire.
And that’s what makes me such a good liar.

How to explain an OTP

It’s like being in a relationship with a relationship

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if you’ve never been riding in a car and dramatically looked out the window while a sad song was playing you’re lying

Levi in ACWNR ch. 4

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Headcanon: the mascots of the four Hogwarts houses are the Patronuses of their namesakes.


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people who think digital art is easy because ‘the computer does it for you’image

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Quotes from the Harry Potter Books [22/50]

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seven days without a pun makes one weak

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